Reviews and Client Feedback for Featherby & Moore Services

Of course, we’re going to tell you we’re good. We would say that! This is your chance to hear from other Camden clients. Read our reviews below to see how other people have found that letting Featherby & Moore into their homes has made life better for them. Call us today and you too can share the advantages of choosing a professional cleaning service.

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  • I’m very happy with the window cleaning these pros did with my house. The equipment and tools were really impressive they reached every point without problems. I recommend it to everyone who want to keep the windows shiny.

    Josh Woods
  • I was very happy when a friend recommended the end of tenancy service. I was moving out on a short notice, so I needed a reliable cleaning company to help me with the process. The “Featherby & Moore” cleaners did the job within hours! I was very pleased with the results. Thanks!

    Harriet Peters
  • Excellent job! Cleaning has always been a very tedious chore for me, so I called these guys to help me, getting my deposit back. I recommend the service to everyone who is about to leave their homes and need to get their bond back.

    Oscar D.
  • I have carpets that I bought from a trip and need a very special care. Featherby & Moore’s cleaning methods and equipment are really professional, the carpets look like brand new. Will use the service again.

    Mia Heath
  • Will book again! Every spring I make this big spring cleaning, but sometimes it takes days to have the house exactly how I want it. The cleaners came and did the job within hours.

    Sofia G.
  • After some friends visited at home, we needed to clean the oven after all the cooking. I have to say I’m amazed by the cleaning method these technicians used to clean the oven. Now it looks amazing. Will use the service again!

    Thomas Farmer
  • I and my wife decided to have some help around the house, so we hired a cleaning professional that can help me with the cleaning. I have to say my house is shining since she started to take care of it. Thumbs up for Featherby & Moore!

    Brandon Brooks